Attemp to escape _ It is not unusual for young people from the country, having been forced out of school at the age of 14 to go and work, to feel once again, when they emerge from their teens, the desire for education. This is something that happens with young urban workers as well. But their parents should not have the right to stop them. And the intellectuals should be there to help the parents to under stand. Thus would they be perfect intellectuals, placed above the social classes.
But this is a largely mediocre intellectual class; and more particularly, for some time, one that represents a culture of intellectual clerks.
Culture is used as an instrument, manipulated by professors to manufacture other professors who in turn will manufacture yet more professors. Curators of popular tradition who almost always maintain a certain distance from the “people” and who suggest, more or less explicitly, that we should consider the picturesque displays of traditional life with a well-meaning smile and self-satisfied interest.